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Meet Our Mammoth Donkeys!


Fancy Face

Hi, my name is Fancy Face! Everyone just calls me Fancy, though. I am a Mammoth Jackstock Jenny. That just means I am a female Mammoth Donkey. I just turned 7 years old last month and I stand a little taller than 15 hands. I was born here and love being the baby on the farm. Miss Audrey is always telling me how beautiful I am, I think she's right! I like to "play" with the pigs and turkeys that live with us. They don't seem to like it as much as I do though. I get in trouble when I pick the turkeys up by their tails or a pig screams because I'm chasing him. I've gotten good at pretending I wasn't doing anything, however I'm not sure Miss Audrey is fooled by my "who me?" face. I love living here, it's a GREAT place! 



Hi, my name is Tracy! I am a Mammoth Jackstock Jenny. That means I am a female Mammoth Donkey. I am 18 years old and stand 14.2 hands. I just make the cut off size to be considered a Mammoth Jackstock. Miss Audrey says I am the sweetest, most compliant donkey on the farm. I have lived at Donkey Meadows for 8 years and gave birth to Fancy here. I'm laid back and easy going most of the time.

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Hi, my name is Gus! I am a Mammoth Jackstock Gelding. In other words I am a castrated, male Mammoth Donkey. I am 14 years old and stand 15 hands. My "brother" Hoss and I came to Donkey Meadows together when we were just youngsters. I really love Miss Audrey, she is my favorite human. I love to give her hugs every morning. She is very good to me. I also like to trail ride. I just don't walk as fast as the other donkeys though. We have a very good life here at Donkey Meadows! 

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I am a Mammoth Jackstock Gelding. In other words, I am a Mammoth male Donkey. I am 12 years old and stand 15 hands. I came to Donkey Meadows when I was just 18 months old. I love to trail ride and show off in parades. I'm very friendly and love to have my picture taken. Miss Audrey says I can be a bit of a bully at times, but hey when I see something I want I want it now! Even though I can be very strong, Miss Audrey still loves me, this I know because she tells that everyday!

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Hi, my name is Joe! I am a DRAFT MULE, that means my mother was a Belgian Draft horse and my father was a Mammoth Jack. I stand 16.1 hands and am 29 years old. I was rescued by Miss Audrey November 2016, along with my little donkey friend Julie. Our previous owners were moving back to California and they couldn't find a safe home for us here, until they were connected with Audrey. I love my new home, Audrey has promised to love me and take care of me for the rest of my life; and I have a whole bunch of new long-eared friends!! I am a very happy mule! 

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Hi, my name is Julie! I am a Standard Donkey. I am 25 years old, which for donkeys is not really that old. Donkeys can live 40-50 years, especially when they're taken care of properly. Miss Audrey rescued me and my big male friend, Joe almost 3 years ago. When I came here I was really fat because I came from a place where there was a lot of plush green grass. It sure tasted good, but it did bad things to my body. I have lost about 60 pounds but will always have these hard fat lumps on my body. As I get older those could cause me big health problems and even end my life! I feel great now though and have learned to run and play again with Joe.


Also, when I came here I wasn't all that keen on humans. I wasn't really sure what they were going to do to me, but then Miss Audrey and her daughter, Kayla, started doing this thing they called "rubbing." Boy, did that feel good! They they started hugging and kissing me and always talked really nice to me! I got sick in the spring and they took great care of me. That's when I decided that I loved them too! I am a very happy, loving donkey now!

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 9.42.57 PM.png

Rosebud & Lilly

Hi, our names are Rosebud and Lilly! We are female standard donkeys, Rosebud is 18 years old and Lilly is 2 years old. We have been at Donkey Meadows since January when the barn at our permanent home burned down. Miss Audrey and her family took us in to take care of us and give us a place to live until our owner gets the new barn rebuilt. It was very scary and all of our friends died that night. We are having fun here and have decided it's not too bad living with so many other donkeys. 



I'm the newest addition to the herd at Donkey Meadows. I am an American Mammoth Jenny. I am 7 years old and have had kind of a rough start to life, but I'm ok now and love my new home. Miss Audrey and her family adopted me from Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue in April, 2019. My very first home had many, many animals and sometimes there wasn't enough food for all of us. When I was taken away from that place I was given more food and now I'm very healthy. I really like it here and Audrey tells me she loves me all the time. I'm a very happy donkey!

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